Città Vittoriosa

The glorious Citta Vittoriosa, will take you back in time as you visit one of the world’s most strategic forts while walking in the shadows of the Knights.  We’ll pick you up at your hotel and, together with our guide, you’ll get to visit the Inquisitor’s Palace, The Malta Maritime Museum and Fort Saint Angelo.

Locally known as Birgu, the city played a strategic role during the Great Siege of Malta, and it’s history is rich with maritime, mercantile and military activities. Birgu’s harbour, once hosting the majestic galleys of the Knights of Malta and the British Navy’s warships, today hosts some of Europe’s most spectacular private yachts. The well preserved Fort Saint Angelo dominates Birgu, the city it protected for many many years.

4 Hour tour

·         Hotel pick up

·         Meet Licenced guide in Vittoriosa (Birgu)

·         Malta Maritime Museum (ticket included)

·         Fort Saint Angelo (ticket included)

·         Inquisitors Palace (ticket included)

·         Drive back to Hotel

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Our driver will pick you up at your hotel and drive you towards Citta Vittoriosa where you’ll meet your professional licensed tour guide.

Once at Citta Vittoriosa, you will immediately notice the fortifications. These walls have stood for centuries, and one wonders how hard it was for the people involved in their construction without the help of modern machinery. You’re now about to enter this magical city whose walls are still marked by the Great Siege memorials and shots endured during the second world war.

Citta Vittoriosa, literally translated The Victorious City, is found on the south side of the Grand Harbour. Locally known as Birgu, has a history rich with maritime, mercantile and military activities. Birgu’s harbour, once hosted the majestic galleys of the Knights of Malta and British Navy warships. Today it hosts some of Europe’s most spectacular private yachts.

By now, you will have noticed that Malta is packed with Churches. The Inquisitor’s Palace, located in the heart of Birgu, is one of the very few surviving palaces of its kind around the world. It’s also the only one to be open to the public.

The Inquisitors role was that of assessing situations in which a person would have said or done something which was not in line with Christian values or beliefs.  Accusations of adultery and theft of valuable items would go punished severely through several torture procedures. You will see the dominance of the piano nobile, the Holy Office Tribunal, a prison complex and a torture chamber.

The Maritime Museum, housed in the old Royal Navy Bakery, proudly displays Malta’s rich and crucial maritime history, and displays a large collection of over 20,000 items which includes ships, traditional Maltese boats, cargo items and uniforms.

Fort Saint Angelo is as magnificent as the city it has proudly protected.  Inside the fort, your guide will give you facts about the use of the Fort during the Great Siege, dubbed to be the bloodiest in history. This Fort was used as the Knight’s headquarters during the Great Siege. The Fort provides magnificent views of Valletta, the Grand Harbour and the Three Cities. Your guide will reveal what the Knights saw when the Turkish armada hit the island with 48,000 soldiers on 193 vessels. They were held back and defeated by 6,100 courageous soldiers including 500 Knights.