The Maltese Language

The Maltese language is unique and is the only Semitic language in the EU. Worldwide it is spoken by over 520,000 people, most of which live on Malta.

The language itself is a descendant of Siculo-Arabic (Sicilian Arabic). The langue is made up of

  •  1/3 Arabic
  • 1/2 Italian or Sicilian
  • 20% English and French

It is considered a Semitic language because of its origin and structure but as it has many romance loan words, makes it a hybrid language. As the Arabic dialect have become Latinised and Anglicised

When the Knights of St John arrived in Malta in 1530 they made Italian the official language until 1934 when it changed to Maltese and English.

Many Tunisians claim to easily understand Maltese. This is thought to be because of the Tunisian dialect of Maghrebi has quite a lot of Italian loan words.

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