The Mosta Dome

The Mosta Dome, or by its official name The Parish Church of the Assumption was built between 1833-1860’s. The church we see today was designed by Giorgio Grognet de Vassé to replace an earlier church from around 1614. The design of the church is neoclassical and based on the Pantheon in Rome.

An little known fact is that the new church was built around the old church, which remained in use throughout the construction, finally being demolished in 1860 so the new church could be finished.

As well as reportedly being the fourth largest unsupported dome in the world, the church is famous for during World War II the German Luftwaffe during early evening mass dropped 3 bombs on the church. 2 ‘bounced’ off the dome without exploding and the third broke through the dome, landing in the packed church and did not explode. Today, a replica of the bomb can be found in the sacristy at the back of the church.


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