Malta in the Eurovision

Malta has participated in the Eurovision Song Contest 31 times since they debuted in 1971; 24 times making it through to the Grand Finals. Sadly, Malta has never won the contest, although it has finished in second place twice in 2002 & 2005. Malta made the decision to withdraw for 16 years after the 1975 contest following a bad run of placing, eventually returning to the contest in 1991.

As English is an official language of Malta, it was one of the few countries allowed to use the language in the contest from 1977 – 1999. Since 1991, every song entered has been sung in English, the only use of the Maltese language was three lines in the 2000 entry “Desire”, performed by Claudette Pace.

The Maltese broadcasters of the show are the Public Broadcasting Services (PBS). All shows are transmitted live on TVM and Radio Malta.


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