Malta Comic Con

Whilst most people in Malta spent their first weekend in December Christmas shopping; the geeks, nerds, cosplayers and gamers descended onto the Mediterranean Conference Centre in Valletta for the 9th annual Malta Comic Con. The family event was a feast to behold with a guest list that covered artists, writers and actors. There were various activities from gaming competitions, Q&A sessions, workshops and even a light saber training academy. Personally, I attended a Q&A session by Joanne M. Harris. Most famous for her book/film chocolat, it was a reading from her new book based on English folklore which interested me.

A big round of applause has to go to the cosplayers who pushed the boat out with some absolutely stunning outfits. The fact that many of them stayed in character all day was a delight to watch. The many stalls left the purse completely empty with items for sale including superb artwork, collectables, books and so many comics. Overall, a great weekend was had by all!!

Danielle @ Plus Malta

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