Għanafest 2018

This year’s annual Għanafest traditional song festival will be extended to several localities across Malta, with the festival being held at the Argotti, Qrendi, Buskett and Birżebbuġa.

 Għana, (pron. aa-na) is the term for Maltese folk song.  There are 3 main types of għana:

  • Spirtu Pront – improvised song duels between twogħannejja
  • Tal-Fatt – These songs are based on actual events or fiction and are usually either tragic or comic in nature.
  • Fil-Għoli – Is high pitched, focusing on the qualities of the voice over the guitar,with prolonged melisma

The festivals will be held on

  • May 27 – Qrendi,
  • June 22 & 23 – Argotti,
  • June 28 & 29 – Buskett.
  • June 29 – Birżebbuġa.


More information can be found on the Festival Website: http://xn--ganafest-8hb.com/

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