Discovering the Great Siege

Grandmaster La Valette was expecting them, but the sight of 193 vessels on the horizon was enough to send a message: The Ottoman Empire was getting ready to take over Malta and, most of all, end the existence of the Knights of Saint John. How did 6,100 men lead by the Knights manage to defeat an army of 40,000? What saved this tiny island in the Mediterranean?

The Great Siege of 1565 has been described by many as being the greatest battle of the time. This tour will take you to the very place where the Knights outwitted the Turkish Empire, including the fearless Janissaries who were considered to be the best soldiers around at the time. You’ll visit the same place where the Ottoman Empire attacked. On site, you’ll better understand what stopped them in their tracks. It wasn’t just the high walls, but the ingenious design of the forts, which, amongst others made the enemy move in such a way meant to expose their bodies to the cruel cold and hot arrows of the Knights and their men. Walking in the shadows of the Knights, the tour will end to a visit to a masterpiece; one of the biggest forts ever built by the Knights. The majestic fort stands tall, guarding the Grand Harbour and the entrance to the three cities. It was here, that the villagers took refuge while the Knights vowed to fight until they die.


  • Professional Tour Guide
  • Entrance tickets to Fort Angelo
  • Tour of Birgu

Runs every Thursday at 4pm. Meeting point is by the Freedom Monument, Birgu.

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